It's a New Normal for Healthcare ... Here Is a New Tool
    Use Open Source TeleVideo Triage Software !

Increase Your Practice's Revenue with TeleMedicine
    Its Fast ... Its Simple ... Its TURNKEY

  • Did your Patient beat you to your office ?

  • Do you need to check a Patients Medication Adherence ?

  • Is your Patient simply requesting a Prescription Refill ?

  • Is that appointment just a routine Follow-up visit ?

  • Is this a late night Consult to the Nursing Home ?

  • Need to read a Wearable Device ?

All of the above can be done with our TeleMedicine App, you can be at home, your office, or mobile !
You Don't Need to Pay For TeleVideo Sessions from a Remote Third Party Platform ... Its Built-In !

Document while you use your Laptop webcam...the Patient uses a Smartphone.
Its The Ideal Tool for 'Public Health State of Emergency' Triage

Our TeleMedicine App will document any Clinical Encounter ... because its a mini Electronic Medical Record

With our TeleMedicine App, You or Your Field workers can Electronically Submit ALL Reports directly into any Remote  Electronic Medical Record ... or to a Sponsoring Agency ... using FHIR, CCDA, or Secure Email

Best of All  . . . you get PAID ... Quickly

With Our Built-In Insurance Claims Processor, your Telemedicine Claim is automatically compiled and can be sent to the appropriate Payer, so ... at the end your TeleMedicine Session ... just click SEND


Value Based TeleMedicine will top 30 Billion by 2022

Medicare and the Insurance Payers NOW pay for Televideo Consultations

Don't let the giant Healthcare Systems Lock you out of this lucrative opportunity

You Can Use Your OWN Open Source Televideo Software
                             $149. complete ... this is NOT a subscription

Behavioral Health Assessment Templates
CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program Reporting Tool Included

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