There is a tremendous business opportunity that is currently being ignored. And that is providing Professional Services to Small Businesses (businesses with less than fifty employees). Small Businesses are in desperate need of technical help in the Information Technology arena.

The problem is an acute shortage of Technical Personnel . And because of this, The Information Technology companies can demand, and get top dollar for their services from large and medium size businesses. Leaving Small Businesses desires unfulfilled.

The situation that Small Businesses find themselves will not get better anytime soon. The reason? No incentives. Information Technology companies surely won't offer their services for less as long as there is a clientele out there that will pay more. The large and medium size businesses realize they are paying an artificially high premium for the services received from the Information Technology companies, but they look at paying the higher prices as a way of squelching competition.

Remember, in this Information Technology era, the thing that determines how effective a business is in any given venue, is not necessarily how large it is but rather, how efficient it is in processing information. If a business cannot automate and integrate its processes, from manufacture through shipping, then it will be severely limited in its ability to compete.

The dilemma Small Businesses face is certainly a cache 22; whether to cough up the funds, which they can ill-afford, to pay for the inflated prices of the Information Technology companies, or to simply remain un-automated.

Calling all Entrepreneurs .... the challenge is before us. But more importantly, the window of opportunity is wide open. Provide a cost effective solution for automating small businesses and the fortunes are guaranteed.

Become a Office Automation Specialist. This is an ideal, entry level opportunity, for those who do not have Information Technology experience, but have the desire to learn. You can start by marketing our turnkey Software Products.

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