The Office Assistant is a All-In-One Business Software Package


The Office Assistant is a computer program designed to help organize your office. There's no need to bother with those cumbersome Spreadsheets and Databases, that's because there already built into The Office Assistant. And they update automatically. All you need do is let The Office Assistant generate a receipt for the Product or Service that you offer. That's it! . . . . . . The Office Assistant will automatically print the receipt, record the sale, separate any sales tax, update any inventory, update the clients personal file, and make a back-up copy of the transaction, all automatically.

The Office Assistant will also keep track of all your business expenses. The Office Assistant generates over 50 reports, including a Profit & Loss Report (Income Statement)

The Office Assistant also generates Mailing Labels, automatically informs you of upcoming Client Special Events, has an Appointment Scheduler, it even has a built-in Message Center. You can take telephone messages and send e-mails to anyone in the office.

The Office Assistant will never become Obsolete, it grows as your business grows. When you want to add a new feature to The Office Assistant, call us we'll be happy to update it for you.

Best of all, The Office Assistant is EASY to use and INEXPENSIVE.

Who needs The Office Assistant?

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