National statistics indicate that if the independent business owner is to survive in this highly competitive marketplace, they must drastically reduce overhead.While at the same time dramatically increase marketing efforts.

The Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) System, is the most cost-effective tool for satisfying both needs!

Now there is a System that is designed specifically for the owners of small business. That's not only easy to operate, but inexpensive as well. In fact, our System was proven to be at least 10 times easier to use and more cost-effective than most cash registers!!

Here are a few reasons why you need the Point of Sale System (P.O.S.)


Sales receipt - A personalized receipt is generated each time you make a sale.

Inventory Control - Every item that is rung up through the P.O.S. System will be automatically subtracted from inventory and our System automatically generates low inventory reports.

Customer File - Every customer file that is created, will compile a record of all purchases made by this customer.

Daily Log - At the end of each shift or at the end of the day, a report is printed of all sales transactions, showing who made the purchase, who was the counter person, what were the items sold and at what prices, in addition, a tally of the days total sales, total taxes collected, and a grand total of what should be in the register drawer, minus the "Bank".

General Ledger - Daily sale totals are automatically entered into the P.O.S. System's electronic general ledger, separating product sales from sales taxes. In addition, payroll and expense checks can be generated from expense entry into the general ledger.

Profit And Loss Statement - This report can be obtained by a single stroke at literally no additional cost.

Payroll - The P.O.S. System makes payroll easy. Instead of you manually adding up everyone's hours, let your employees "clock-in" on the P.O.S. System time clock.

Communications Link - The P.O.S. System automatically formats your inventory orders and sales information for electronic transmission to your suppliers, office or any destination you choose.

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