Consider that the average employer loses thousands of dollars each year because of inefficient payroll systems.

The Timecard makes the entire payroll process a snap!

1. One keystroke employee record back-up

2. Employee records double password protection

3. Three ways to enter employee time.

4. Automatically deducts lunch time from hours worked.

5. Supports time tracking for 3 shifts.

6. Automatically clock-out employee at end of shift

7. Supports separate local deductions for remote city employees

8. One keystroke payroll computation (current year to date)

9. Calculates and deducts any advance payments to employees.

10. Automatically resets employee files for new year.

11. Automatically archives previous year employee records.

12. Automatic check printing (Optional).

13. Automatic check printing (Optional)

14. Automatic check registry (Optional).

15. Supports up to 99 employees.


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